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ACH A-Share Fund No.8

About the Fund

A-Shares Fund No. 8 is a wholesale equity fund, tailored for investors aiming to capitalize on the robust Mainland China stock market. Predominantly concentrating on securities listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange and Shenzhen Stock Exchange, the fund adheres to a strategic investment philosophy that balances prudent value investing with a vigilant investment mandate.

Embracing a contrarian value investing approach, A-Shares Fund No. 8 is committed to uncovering high-quality companies harboring significant growth potential. The fund's investment team diligently seeks value where market generalizations may obscure true worth, enabling the identification of undervalued assets poised for substantial growth.


A-Shares Fund No. 8 is ideal for investors desiring to diversify their investment portfolios by incorporating Chinese equities. The fund aims to generate alpha, thereby offering an attractive risk-adjusted return, while concurrently employing hedging strategies to mitigate uncertainties inherent in the volatile Chinese equity market.

For investors seeking exposure to the Chinese equity market, A-Shares Fund No. 8 represents a compelling investment option. By focusing on value where it may be overlooked due to market generalizations, the fund positions itself as a gateway to the growth opportunities within China's dynamic economic environment.

Fundamentally Different

Understanding the intricacies of the Chinese equity market is paramount for investors aiming to navigate its unique environment effectively. The market is characterized by its dynamic nature, distinguishing it significantly from its counterparts in more developed economies. The market's propensity towards active trading and speculative tendencies requires astute judgment and a disciplined approach to unearth high-quality investment opportunities while steering clear of potential pitfalls.

The government's strategic deleveraging initiatives, initiated in recent years, have resulted in more prudent fiscal spending behaviors. This cautious fiscal policy, while aiming to stabilize the economy, has simultaneously injected a degree of uncertainty into the investment landscape. Despite these challenges, the Chinese equity market remains an arena with the potential of achieving substantial returns over the long term.

Given the distinct attributes of the Chinese market, integrating Chinese equities into a long-term investment portfolio emerges as a prudent strategy for portfolio enhancement. By leveraging the expertise of professional advisors, investors can adeptly identify companies with robust growth prospects and effectively navigate the vicissitudes of the Chinese market. 

Great Companies over Macro-Trends

In the context of the Chinese equity market, discovering a company with a valuation of $500 million that harbors the potential to escalate to $5 billion represents a realistic and achievable prospect. This scenario underscores the significant growth opportunities that abound within the Chinese corporate landscape, akin to identifying a diamond in the rough. However, if investors were to base their entry into the Chinese equity market solely on the nation's GDP growth rate, recent years would likely have yielded underwhelming results. 

The development of a robust investment portfolio centered on Chinese equities should not be misconstrued as an overly optimistic wager on China's future economic trajectory. At ACH, we steadfastly apply the same evaluative principles that identify exemplary companies across all equity markets, firmly rejecting the idea that outstanding Chinese enterprises necessitate a distinct set of evaluation criteria. True value emerges when an investor's assessment and convictions surpass the consensus view of the market.

Consequently, it is imperative for investors to evaluate Chinese companies based on their fundamental attributes and growth potential, rather than solely depending on China's nominal growth as a guiding metric. Additionally, acknowledging the unique nuances of the Chinese market, such as its propensity for speculative fluctuations, is essential. Navigating this landscape requires professional guidance and a strategically disciplined investment approach.


By adhering to these evaluative principles, investors are positioned to pinpoint high-quality Chinese companies, thereby constructing a diversified portfolio poised to deliver substantial returns over the long haul, irrespective of transient economic variances. This methodical approach to investment in the Chinese equity market enables investors to capitalize on the substantial growth opportunities that lie within, setting the stage for long-term investment success.

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