Aroau Capital Holding

Aroau Capital Holding is a leading investment capital holding enterprise which provides a wide range of financial services and diversified products across Asia and Australia. Our strategy derives from our team of professionals from the most seasoned and senior’s ranks of the profession of arms on a global scale, as well as having a deep understanding of cross-culture convergence between Asia and Australia.

Who are we?

Customer-Centric & Innovation Driven, our team composes of a global reach and with it, we utilise our diversity in expertise to the advantage of the customer. Our professionals have developed a fortified knowledge in the constituents of finance and are always open to explore, validate & integrate the newest trends and innovation into the citadel of financial data for maximising the customer's investment surplus.


SMA Fund

Flexibility, Growth and the Lowest Management fee. Best for investors seeking market driven consistency

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VC 10-90

Invest in the latest fintech trends with capital protection

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Capital Raising

Need Growth Capital? Think ACH

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Sydney Office: 1004/99 Bathurst St.

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Shanghai Office: V29/100 Baise Rd

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